Lessons are offered only to persons who are very serious about learning classical Indian music. Sitar lessons are offered from very basic stages. People desiring to learn other instruments can be given advanced lessons provided they are conversant with techniques of playing and handling their respective instruments. Lessons are offered in the following formats:
1.For residents of New Delhi, India:
Face to face lessons are offered to persons residing in New Delhi. The persons have to come to my residence with their instrument for the lessons.
2.For Indians / Foreigners willing to visit New Delhi on a regular basis for a few weeks / months at a time every year:
These will be face to face lessons as per mutually agreed schedules.
3.For Indians / Foreigners residing outside New Delhi or outside India:
Lessons are offered on Skype as per mutually agreed schedules.
For details of fees and payment modes, please write to parimalsadaphal@gmail.com